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  • INARA CAMP is the sixth luxury camp designed and created by Vincent JAQUET. It is the result of 15 years of experience in desert areas of Morocco,  to live an  unique and unforgettable experience of a glampping night in the desert. 


  • Vincent is the initiator  of the first luxury camp in the dunes of the Sahara in Morocco since 2004.


  • INARA CAMP tents are a perfect model of the luxury tent. Metal structure fixed on a wooden terrace and with 3 layers of fabric for ultimate comfort. No problem with rain, wind, sun, cold and pests. Inside with a total comfort inside. With a king size bed, cotton nightwear, comfortable ears, duvet adapted to the season. Bathroom with shower (hot water), washbasins, “LES SENS DE MARRAKECH” reception products based on Argan organic oil. The English toilets are separate. The whole complex benefits from refined and sufficient lighting.
  • Our strong point are the wood-burning stoves (imported from Europe) for the cold winter days, which bring warmth and the pleasure to surround a fireplace. In summer, evaporative air coolers that cools perfectly the tent.


  • The team is composed of 27 people. On site our staff are all from the South of Morocco (mainly Zagora and M’Hamid el Ghizlane). Berbers, Sahrawis, they were all born in the dunes of the Sahara. When they tell you about the desert, they will share with you their childhood and their love of the dunes. They are all dressed with the famous gandoura and the great Chech of the Blue Men of the desert. It is not a folklore but simply their way of dressing.


  • The majority have been working with Vincent Jaquet for more than 10 years. They will be able to concoct a tasty and generous Moroccan cuisine and the service will be the true reflection of this renowned Moroccan hospitality.


  • The Swimming Pool is an Italian bio-design system. Environmentally friendly concept because it is free of concrete and iron and has a very low consumption. Revolutionary porous resin system giving the true effect of a natural beach. Heated swimming pool (27°C in winter) and treated perfect for cooling in summer and relaxation in winter.


  • Logistics provided by 3 vehicles to transport you on site every day the freshest products that we will look for from local producers. Fruits and vegetables, meat, oils are selected to guarantee you an irreproachable quality. There is no storage in the refrigerators here. In the morning we cook what you eat at noon and in the afternoon what you eat in the evening. So a cuisine that is always tasty and fresh.


  • Legally the camp complies with Moroccan laws. We have a very high liability insurance, our team is fully registered with the CNSS, female salaries are identical to male salaries, our camels are insured, vaccinated and registered with the services. Our shuttle has a tourist amenity of tourist transport. 


  • The land is completely chemically and traditionally treated against pests. Your adventure in complete safety and peace of mind. Fire extinguishers in all tents maintained and serviced annually.


  • At night the guards are on site and 4 people of the team sleep on site in case of need and emergency. 


  • The electricity production on site is ensured by 2 generators (1 emergency generator in case the other one fails) and a solar production ensuring you electricity 24 hours a day without noise pollution. The restaurant part is powered by 2 other generators for the same reason.


  • Our various suppliers are selected for their reliability, the quality of their equipment, their compliance with Moroccan laws, their insurance and the absence of child labour.


  • Finally, our concern for the environment is at all times. We promote solar energy (camp equipment and swimming pool), we make the team and customers aware of water consumption. No garden with lawn. Our waste is sorted and then sent to Marrakech every day to be treated (no wild landfill in the surrounding area). 


  • Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Packaging is recycled as much as possible. 


  • Our website is secure for online bookings and if we ask you for a custodian it is via a secure link from our bank.
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